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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What determines the price of tree removal?

A. Size, location, access, number of trees, dead, dangerous, proximity to house.

Q. Does your company have insurance?

A. Yes

Q. Do you clean up and haul away all debris?

A. Yes, including raking the work area and blowing the driveway.

Q. Do you have a minimum charge?

A. Yes: $400

Q. Do you give discounts?

A. Yes, multi-family, multi-neighbor,

Q. Do you own your own trucks and equipment?

A. Yes

Q. If I have a dangerous tree that looks as though it might fall on my house, will my homeowners insurance cover its removal?

A. No, they will not cover it until it falls on your house, believe it or not.

Q. Will my homeowners insurance cover the removal of a tree or trees that fall?

A. Yes - No - Maybe

1. Dead tree – No

2. Tree struck by lighting – Yes

3. Tree that falls from a neighbors yard – No, when the tree crosses the property line it becomes your tree.

*If the tree is dead and you have warned your neighbor in writing of the danger it could fall on your house; then your neighbor is liable (their insurance may not cover it).

4. Tree that falls on any structure (house, fence, deck or play set) – Yes

5. Tree that falls on any special ornamental tree or landscaping – Maybe