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Tree Removal Services Include:

At Certified Tree Experts we specialize in tree removal. We can safely remove any tree regardless of size, location or condition. We have the most experienced teams in the US removing trees off homes, commercial buildings, right of ways, waterways, and complete land clearing for a new development. Utilizing our state of the art equipment, technical rigging, expert climbing skills, and extensive experience we make even the toughest jobs look easy. We have local crews near you. 

When is tree removal necessary?
When is tree removal necessary? Trees are like stocks--you don’t want to invest money in a bad stock, and you don’t want invest money in a bad tree. It might be a tough decision to let a tree go, but you must look at the big picture. Think ahead a few years about the tree and your property and consider the reasons we outline below.

Removing a dead or dying tree is advisable as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait, the more decay has set in, and the more dangerous the tree is for a tree professional to work in AND for you to have standing on your property. This also translates into more dollars the longer you wait.

Obvious reasons to remove a tree
• The tree is dead
• Declining health—the branches or top of tree is dying back, there are large dead branches, or you notice there is decay on the main trunk.
• Major storm damage—a significant portion of the tree is damaged and the tree is beyond repair.
• Tree is too close to the house or other buildings, utility lines, play structures, pool, etc..
• The tree is leaning towards an obvious target, such as your house, your driveway where you park, your patio, pool, the general area where your children play, etc…
• It’s a nuisance—dropping seeds, sap, branches, and blocking views and light and inhibiting the lawn you want to grow. Roots also may interfere with the lawn you want to grow.Roots pose a serious threat to foundations, driveways, sidewalk and underground utilities
• View clearing
• Major landscape renovations which would either damage trees, or because the tree has worn out it's welcome and it's time for a more appropriate planting.

Not so obvious reasons to remove a tree
Have us inspect your tree for:
• Structural problems
• Bad crotches
• Cracks to the main trunk or main leaders
• Tree is just too big for the location and poses challenges to safety if it falls or drops branches
• New construction—tree will either be mortally damaged by equipment, or is in the way of construction
• Major diseases or insect infestation that will kill the tree soon, or spread to other trees
• Interior decay
• Leaning in the wrong direction-sometimes obvious, sometimes not so obvious!
• Crowding among trees on your property –prioritize which trees are healthiest and worth keeping

Can I do this myself? We do not recommend tree removal by yourself. We have the skills and the track record of taking down many different types of trees in a multitude of situations. Not only can we safely remove a tree, we have the equipment to remove the branches and the wood which will be a much bigger mess on the ground than it was up in the air.